Testimonial: William Chan

I started having gout attacks after following a diet regiment of high protein/low carb. The initial attacks were not as painful, but even after stopping the diet, the attacks continued and would sometimes be crippling. I saw a doctor and he prescribed Allopurinol. I would take the medication, but it would give me headaches. I’ve been on the medication for about 5 years and the attacks would still come and go, sometimes crippling, sometimes I was able to hobble through the work day but still in pain. The attacks usually occur around once every 3 months. Last year was the worst in terms of duration and pain. I am part of a competitive sports team and our season starts in April and ends in October. I had attacks that lasted for most of the season. While the attack itself would last approximately a week, it would take at least 3 weeks before I was normal again. During this 1 week span, I would not be able to participate in the sport. During the entire 3 week span, I was limited in the ability to exercise and participate. Even with taking the medication, the attacks would persist. Basically the entire season was ruined because I wasn’t able to exercise and give 100% to my team due to the pain and lack of exercise.

I explained my frustration to Jill, a teammate of mine, and she recommended a consultation. I described my condition and it’s uniqueness to other gout sufferers such as being able to eat steak dinners with no side effects but anything with high fructose corn syrup would trigger an attack. Jill provided a detailed explanation of gout and what causes it, a complete run down of foods to avoid and the reasoning behind the avoidance, and a suggested list of vitamins that should be taken and how the vitamins would assist my body. I was skeptical since I had taken pharmaceutical medication specifically for gout with limited results, but this was an all-natural approach so it wouldn’t hurt to try it. The results have been OUTSTANDING. Since starting the vitamin protocol and watching my diet, as advised by Jill, I have been able to live my life without the worry of when my next attack would occur. I haven’t been completely attack free, but when I do have an attack, it would only flare for a day or two (as compared to one week) and after the day or two I’m back to normal (as compared to 3 weeks). The pain is less intense and the duration is reduced by a large amount. I have completely stopped using the pharmaceutical drug. I’m able to go to the gym and participate fully in my team sport. Jill has basically given me my life back.

William Chan
New Jersey