The type of energy healing I utilize goes to depths WAY beyond the profoundest of words and trying to coherently describe what it is, well…. kind of leaves me speechless. What I can say for sure is this: These divine healing energies have the power to shift consciousness, shape one’s future and heal one’s past. Traumas are released, blocks are cleared, organs and whole body systems become energized and nourished, hearts get healed, egos get dropped and the mind becomes clear. How do I know this you might ask? Because this is something that has not only worked for me, but has ascended my life so drastically that I hardly recognize myself anymore. Those blocks that were holding me back…. GONE. My confidence and self-esteem….. SHOT THROUGH THE ROOF! That clarity I was always chasing… turned CRYSTAL! Bold statements, I know, but this is some BOLD s$%t. I never went into my healing path with the intention of becoming an energy healer. I didn’t even seek it out. It kept finding me! Once I started getting sessions, I’ve never once looked back. If you want shift in your thinking and your life… this is definitely for you.

Energy healing sessions can be done both remotely and in-person.

1 session = $125
3 sessions = $345
5 sessions = $500

*Package rates will be honored if you decide to purchase one after your first visit.

PLEASE NOTE: Jill Black Holistic does not include medical diagnosis or medical treatment and is not a substitute for medical care. The healing work done here is complementary to and supportive of allopathic medicine. Jill Black Holistic is not a medical practice and makes no claims to be.