Microcurrent facials, and where to get them, are a well-guarded secret amongst the celebrity crowd. Why? Because they work! Oh… and there’s absolutely no down time. These facials not only make you look like you’ve had the best sleep of your life, but when done cumulatively, they have the power to erase years off your face. Yes, you heard that right, I said YEARS. The results I’ve witnessed have been pretty darn amazing! It’s also the only facial that I know of that leaves you all glowy, dewy and rosy right after each treatment… ready to hit the red carpet… or 5th Ave!

​Simply put, microcurrent facials utilize teeny tiny currents of electricity (microcurrents) that have been engineered to mimic the electrical vibration of a healthy skin cell. These electrical microcurrents stimulate cell reproduction by targeting and waking up the cell’s ATP, which in turn helps the skin to create more fibroblasts of collagen and elastin, both of which our bodies stop producing in our late 20’s. Microcurrent technology also gives the muscles of the face a little work out, which helps tighten and firm them, leading to a lifting and tightening of the entire face. Microcurrent facials are completely safe and most people don’t feel a thing. In fact, the procedure is so relaxing that my clients usually fall asleep while I’m treating them.

A great addition to microcurrent facials is LED light therapy, which is fantastic for aging skin, rosacea and acne. I add this at the end, if needed

Please read the FAQ below to learn more.

Single session (50-60 min) = $250
5 Pack = $1200

Why choose Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is like a mini face-lift with zero downtime. Micro-current stimulates your skin to make its own fillers (fibroblasts of collagen/elastin) and the small pulses of microcurrents simultaneously exercise the muscles of the face, which tighten things, helping to lift everything back into place and keeping it in place with repeated sessions. It basically freezes time. Microcurrent is also the only treatment that I know of that works on restoring the convexities of the face. Convexities are shapes that curve or bulge outward. A youthful face is characterized by the bulging outward of facial structure (cheekbones, jawline, forehead). As we age, the muscles in the face begin to elongate and sag. Sagging, drooping muscles are the true tell tale sign of an aging face, more so than wrinkles.

It's seriously the best kept secret in the beauty industy!

Is microcurrent safe?

Yes. It’s more than safe—it’s healthy. It’s really just moving wands over your face and/or body. I use an all-natural, aloe based and scent free conducting lotion that contains botanicals and peptides. The water in the aloe is used to conduct the microcurrents of electricity into the skin.

How long do I wait in between sessions?

If you have an event, I recommend coming in the day before or even the day of, to get you lifted and totally glowing. See answer below for: How many microcurrent sessions will I need?

How many microcurrent sessions will I need?

How many sessions one needs depends on what they are looking to achieve. If you have an event I HIGHLY recommend coming in the day of or the day before to get lifted, super dewey and totally GLOWING. You can also prepare for a big event by doing a few sessions (or a package) spaced out over a few weeks-- if you need more of a lift.

As a preventative measure, and to slow down the aging process, one would come in periodically -- depending on their age and skin condition. Since everyone is different, we would come up with a treatment plan for you upon assessment of your skin and go from there. For best preventative results, ideally, one would start microcurrent sessions in their late twenties/early 30’s to avoid fine lines, crepey skin and the dreaded drooping that sets in with aging. When the recommended sessions of our treatment plan are complete, it is highly encouraged that one get treated every 4-6 weeks, thereafter, for maintenance (again, this all depends and is not a hard and fast rule).

How fast will I see results?

Right away! What I have seen across the board, after the first microcurrent treatment is, lifted brows and eyelids, defined and pronounced cheekbones, skin tone evens out, puffiness under eyes dissipates, blackness under eyes lessens, jawline puffiness dissipates, and one is always left with a moisturized dewy and GLOWING complexion. Microcurrent has the ability to erase fine lines, fill deep wrinkles (to a small extent), and lift the entire face, including the jowls, although all of these do take cumulative sessions to achieve.

I've had great results with rosacea, too!

Does it hurt?

No. Most people don’t feel a thing. Every once in a while you can feel a prickly or tingling sensation, which is fleeting and very minor. Sometimes, when I’m working on the forehead, it can feel as if a strand of hair is being pulled tightly, since there are no fat deposits in that area. Again, this is minor.

I just received Tox and/or fillers, can I still get microcurrent?

Yes, microcurrent and botox/fillers work very well together. Although, I do ask that clients wait six weeks in between botox/fillers and a microcurrent session, just to be on the safe side. Once the Botox has had enough time to settle in, microcurrent will absolutely not undo it. Same for fillers and threads.

How long is a microcurrent treatment?

50-60 minutes from start to finish.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call/email/text. You can also book via my IG account @jillblack_holistic.

What does microcurrent not do?

Microcurrent will not make deep wrinkles disappear completely. It only helps plump them up and fill them in to a certain extent. Microcurrent technology works better at erasing fine lines.

Can microcurrrent be used in other areas besides the face?

Yes, I have a specific attachment that I use for the body called a body wand. Microcurrent does wonders to bring back skin tonicity to the belly after pregnancy. Microcurrent also works on the décolleté, sagging knees, buttocks and the back of the thighs.

How much do microcurrent treatments cost?

Single sessions are $250 and a package of 5 is $1200 ($50 savings)

What are the benefits of adding LED light therapy?

I add this to the facial only if needed.