Microcurrent facials, and where to get them, are a well-guarded secret amongst the celebrity crowd. Why? Because they work! Oh… and there’s absolutely no down time. These facials not only make you look like you’ve had the best sleep of your life, but when done cumulatively, they have the power to erase years off your face. Yes, you heard that right, I said YEARS. The results I’ve witnessed have been pretty darn amazing! It’s also the only facial that I know of that leaves you all glowy, dewy and rosy right after each treatment… ready to hit the red carpet… or 5th Ave!

​Simply put, microcurrent facials utilize teeny tiny currents of electricity (microcurrents) that have been engineered to mimic the electrical vibration of a healthy skin cell. These electrical microcurrents stimulate cell reproduction by targeting and waking up the cell’s ATP, which in turn helps the skin to create more fibroblasts of collagen and elastin, both of which our bodies decline in producing by our mid 20’s. Microcurrent technology also gives the muscles of the face a little work out, which helps tighten and firm them, leading to a lifting and tightening of the entire face. Microcurrent facials are completely safe and most people don’t feel a thing. In fact, the procedure is so relaxing that my clients usually fall asleep while I’m treating them.

A great addition to microcurrent facials is LED light therapy, which is fantastic for aging skin, rosacea and acne. I add this at the end, if needed

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Single session (50-60 min) = $275
5 Pack = $1300

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