Testimonial: Dr. Suzanne McBride — Connected Spine

I started seeing Jill because my gut health was really off. I knew that it was the breakdown that was leading to fatigue, depression, inability to lose weight, bloating and all over BLAHHH. I had an intuitive sense that if I could get this area of my health in order, the chemistry of my body, that the other pieces would fall in place. The real layer of confusion that baffled me was “what can I eat and not eat.” I was fed up and clueless about what I was intaking that was throwing my systems off. Jill has a protocol that takes you through a wide variety of possible allergens and it was insane the foods and environmental toxins that were triggering my digestive/inflammatory responses. I NEVER could have imagined it. I immediately started feeling better with the dietary shifts and the supplements that Jill advised me to take. Jill is remarkably talented, kind, passionate and thorough. I have since referred a number of my patients to Jill and we are all happy. I have lost 15 lbs, I can digest my food, I have cleared allergies and am basically back to eating whatever I want. I will consistently continue to check in with Jill over the years to stay ahead of dis-ease and dys-function, I will absolutely call her immediately if I find myself ill. AND, I am happy to have her as a resource for my patients.

Dr. Suzanne McBride
Connected Spine, New York