Testimonial: Nancy W.

Best thing I ever did for myself.

After struggling for months with an itchy scalp (after an operation that left scars on my scalp), I went to Jill because a good friend of mine had suggested it. I filled out the paperwork Jill required and went in for the session. After it was over, Jill suggested I take some herbs and supplements and makes some dietary changes. I figured if I listened to her maybe the annoying itch would end. So I made the dietary adjustments she advised and followed the herb and supplement regimen she suggested. The itch has greatly improved but, that is not the most amazing thing that happened. After having lived with a whitish tongue for what I remember as always, my tongue is now a fleshy and healthy pink. I’ve not gotten sick even with those around me being sick, and best of all I feel better. I highly recommend everyone to work with her, she is really good and has made a huge impact on my health.

Nancy W.
New York & Boston