Testimonial: Jessica T.

I am a singer and was experiencing intense bouts of seasonal allergies in which I was unable to speak or phonate. I had seen a round of ENTs with the usual recommendations of commercial allergy medications and/or allergy shots. These options didn’t appeal to me and then a fellow singer recommended that I schedule an appointment with Jill.

Jill changed my opinion of health professionals and my well being within the first appointment. Jill’s approach was a startling contrast to the medical professionals that I had seen, my whole life.

With patience and care, she addresses the body as a whole, and taps into what the body needs in order to be well. Jill allows your body to reveal what it needs in order to be well.

In addition to being free of allergies, other systems of the body have noticeably improved under Jill’s advisement. Dietary suggestions and the introduction of supplements have made substantial improvements to my digestive system. As I continue to see Jill, I imagine I will see exponential improvement throughout the body as system after system receives what it needs to be healthy and well.

Jill has a genuine care and interest in each of her clients’ well being. In each appointment, approximately an hour in length, Jill devotes full attention to uncovering your body’s needs to obtain wellness.

Jessica T.
New Jersey