Testimonial: Hana A. — Policy Analyst, United Nations

Springtime in the city used to be synonymous with severe allergies, until a friend recommended that I visit Jill in April 2017. I had reached a stage of taking antihistamines daily in order to function – I would react to pollen, dust, our dog, and I don’t even know what else. The issue with antihistamines is that they clouded my mind, affecting my ability to focus or work.

Jill’s confidence, clarity and conscientious approach really won me over. Though I had never heard of her methods before, I much preferred the idea of muscle testing to figure out what my body was reacting to, and what natural ingredients would help with that. Tying in nutrition with it made a world of sense to me, as Jill’s approach looks at health from a holistic perspective, focusing on overall wellbeing (as opposed to older ways of seeing health as just the “absence of disease”). Within a few days I noticed a marked decline in allergic reactions, boost in immunity, and clarity of mind. I was hooked!

I always loved nature but with my allergies felt that “nature didn’t love me” (e.g. The last time I tried horse riding I ended up in the emergency room with allergies!). With Jill’s advice I spent the entire summer doing outdoor activities, and enjoying the time with our dog! This year, I took up running through cherry trees without a second thought, until my running buddy started struggling with allergies and said they were every runner’s nightmare.

Every now and then I feel invincible (or simply forget to carry Jill’s suggested supplements), and skip a few doses. Sure enough within a few days the old symptoms come back, and I get straight back on track (or visit/ text/ email Jill, who always has a smile and a positive response)!

Jill’s methods have turned my world around, and I would (and have!) recommend her to anyone who is looking to be the most resilient versions of themselves that they can be!

Hana A.
Policy Analyst, United Nations