I was fortunate to meet Jill Black over 7 years ago during my treatment with her former employer and mentor Dr. Fredrick Mindel. We shared many similar interests in health and wellness. Jill has a strong desire to learn the inner workings of every symptom and often brought insight and new information to a symptom a patient presented. During those years I would often be treated for allergy, flu and insomnia. I struggled with several dietary sensitivities which would cause overall inflammation and lowered immunity. One of them was gluten, which I found difficult to fully eliminate from my diet for almost 2 years. Luckily, Jill was there to patiently explain hidden sources of gluten and the mechanics behind it being the root cause of many of my symptoms. I certainly appreciated her attention to detail. It was a natural transition for Jill to begin her own practice since many former patients of Dr. Mindel were already looking to her as his knowledgeable protege.

I have referred many friends to Jill who have all reported good and sometimes miraculous results. She has been a great blessing on my life in these and so many other ways and I am always relieved when someone I know begins seeing her because I know they will be in good hands and their symptoms will improve. Working in partnership with her clients to not only relieve symptoms but to optimize their health is Jill’s model for healing so you can expect to be included in the process rather than just being ‘worked on.’ This may take some getting used to but is certainly worth the effort.

Carol O’Brien