Testimonial: Anonymous

At first I didn’t want to write this testimonial because for so long I felt ashamed, but the more I thought about it I realized, why not, I can potentially help someone that might be going through what I was. So here it is (sorry Jill that it’s taken over a year): I was diagnosed with HSV in my early twenties and have lived almost 20 years with it. There have been times that it’s stayed dormant in my system for years and other times when I felt like I was having outbreaks every few weeks. I was taking Valtrex off and on for many years which occasionally wouldn’t work. I was also wanting to come off of it because I was concerned that it would damage my liver. When I was referred to Jill I was having a bad few months experiencing outbreak after outbreak and I was curious to find out if she had something more dependable to offer. She gave me a lot of advice on what foods I should and should not eat to manage my outbreaks and advised me on vitamins for supplementation. Her approach of “energetically talking” to my body intrigued me. I went home and started on the vitamins she recommended and made a few changes to my eating habits and have had few to no outbreaks ever since seeing her, which was over a year ago. Whenever I feel an outbreak coming on due to stress or food triggers, I right away get back on track with Jill’s diet and lifestyle recommendations and can usually catch them before they fully manifest. What I liked best about her approach is that she educated me on how I can heal myself through nutrition. I no longer have to take a drug I know could cause side effects. I’m grateful to have met her and have recommended others to her with my same or similar issue, about which all of them have expressed gratitude to have found her.

New York