Testimonial: Amanda Hick

Hi Jill! It is with such gratitude that I write a glowing recommendation for anyone who has any kind of ailment — to come see YOU! Not only have you helped me with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis issues; when typical medications have not; but you were able to address deeper levels of my rooted issues by paying attention to my additional symptoms. The best part of getting to see you is that you take on not only my entire physical health, but you ask me about my mental state. Thank you for paying attention more than anyone EVER has, and for giving me not only hope — but providing the tools for me to finally get my health under control. You are very comforting during my distressed physical state and have been so very kind in responding with lightening speed. I have recommended several of my friends/colleagues to see you — and with GREAT SUCCESS for each of them! It’s unbelievable to find someone who is as dedicated and talented as you are. I truly owe my life to you, with gratitude!! One additional note which must be mentioned — I was seeing several specialists with numerous physical ailments; you alone have been able to address every single one of my ailments in greater detail than ever before. Thank you.

Amanda Hick
New York