An Ode to This Life

I’m just over-the-moon in love with life.

I’ve finally figured out a way of doing what I truly love and feel like screaming it from the rooftops.
Or a blog post.
It’s like hitting the jackpot or… discovering that you have a long lost identical twin that happens to live in the next town over.
Just kidding.

This here.
It actually has nothing to do with luck.

It’s about leaning WAY into all of life’s moments…the good AND the bad… since it takes one to recognize the other.
Tune in.
Feelings speak volumes.
It’s about getting so intimate with vulnerability.
That you smile.
When you say her name.
It’s about checking in with your breath and your heart on a daily basis to see if there’s expansion happening.
And if not.
Then why?
Fix it.
It’s about recognizing that those shiny people in your life… you know them… they’re the ones illuminating the path for you with their brilliance. Say YES to them. Even if you feel like you can’t equally reciprocate.
You can in your own way.
Pay attention.
They’re there for a reason.

I’m profoundly honored to be in the position to serve. Without it, I am nothing.